Architect, Bianca Censori has finally confirmed her marriage to rapper and fashion designer Kanye West in a new video.An upcoming artiste known as Gratefulboy Nue captured Bianca, 28, over the weekend as she was out shopping for a pair of “shorts.”

Censori was seated in the hat section of a high-end retailer when the user @gratefulboynuee began recording.

“You’re sexy, my name Nue,” he told Bianca, who smiled and replied:

“Thank you, nice to meet you.

“He asked: “You from LA?” to which she responded: “Yes.””Okay, I just moved out here,” Nue replied.”Where are you from?”

Bianca asked, and the user explained: “Chicago.””Nice!”

Kanye’s wife responded.

“You got good eye contact,” Nue complimented, and Bianca laughed into the camera.”Are you just shopping around?”

she asked, but her phone started ringing.”Yeah, you?”

he asked, to which she replied:

“Yeah same there was just a pair of shorts I wanted to see.

“”Can I get your number?” Nue asked, to which Bianca responded: “I’m married!”

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