Haija Bintu is a Model, influencer and a commercial runner on Social Media platforms. No one can deny that she is Beautiful in her original Daark chocolate skin.

Many accuse her of having underwent surgery to look like that. But in all truth she is just a natural.

We thank God for good genes.We have to understand that even if fake is now trending it does not cancel the fact that real still exists.Hajia Bintu is a beautiful young woman who was attacked on Twitter by what i would describe as bitter people.

Hajia is God given in beauty and body, but others feel her video on Tik Tok are not appropriate and she is a disgrace to the Ghanaian women.She has recently been crowned queen of tik tok

It says about you, the person dishing out the “compliment,” that you don’t normally roll with people who look like me, but that I’ve become your exception.

Why would I want to be your exception? I think I’d want to be around people who found my culture interesting as a whole, not just one tiny part of it.

Haija Bintu

At the end of the day I’m not ranting about this to beat people down, but to inform. Why can’t we just be beautiful? Why can’t someone just be athletic or smart or well-traveled?

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