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Linda Ikeji, Wizkid
Ola Bamgbose
A dirty social media war between popular gossip blogger, Linda Ikeji and Afrobeat musician Wizkid has kept the social media buzzing since the weekend.
The battle which started as mere shade-throwing a few months back took a new turn on Sunday, after the blogger afew days earlier, reported that Wizkid’s rent in his Lekki abode had expired and that the musician was threatened with eviction.
The musician, replied by posting some unprintable comments on the blogger’s Instagram page. Wizkid also bragged about his achievements at 25 while he berated Ikeji for not  measuring up to that when she was at that age.

In addition to deleting the comments and allegedly blocking comments from the musician’s fans on her Instagram page, the blogger posted an article on her blog refuting allegation of wild romance between her and the musician’s director as claimed by the musician in his first reaction.
She had also added that the musician’s Porsche automobile was on hire purchase.
But that was not the last as Wizkid came back to brag about his “foundation” aiming at sending “1000 kids to school”.

Reacting to the conflict described by some as cyber bulling and counter bulling, some fans of both media personalities have taken sides with their favorite celebrities.
The social media war between the duo has also brought their maturity under the scrutiny of social media users, with many concluding that both sides cannot be regarded as a standard when it comes to maturity.
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