Yesterday, online media commentator, Kayode Ogundamisi (@Ogundamisi) shared a Facebook post on Twitter, alleging that “a popular female blogger” was paid N240M by Dudafa Waripamo, Special Adviser, Domestic Events to former Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan.
Flash! Popular Female Blogger recieved N240 Million from #DasukiGate ? Dudafa Waripamo SA Domestic to former…
— Kayode Ogundamisi (@ogundamisi) December 14, 2015

It later came forth from a series of tweets “International journalist”, Kemi Olunloyo, that the payment was ‘incentive’ for the blogger (whoever she is) to kill a potentially scandalous story.
#LindaGate The property located in Banana Island #Lagos was allegedly a GIFT from a politician in exchange for NOT running a story.
— #MadamKOO🇳🇬🇺🇸 (@HNNAfrica) December 14, 2015

Female bloggers in Nigeria don’t come more popular than Ms. Ikeji, and the fact that she appears to be making a killing just aggregating “news”, and selling paid ads, she was the first name that came to many Nigerians’ minds.
Linda just produce Invoice, that's all
— Abisola Olukayode (@Kaybisola) December 14, 2015

Aunty Linda needs to stop that redesigning in her Jacuzzi bathroom for now. It might be government house in a coupla months! 😂
— Ferdinand (@Burmese_Tyga) December 14, 2015

I'll be at Linda Ikeji's gate with all my load n kaya tomorrow morning and ask security man to call aunty Linda for me. Its our house now! 😒
— Ferdinand (@Burmese_Tyga) December 14, 2015

If Linda Ikeji is the blogger Dasuki paid i repeat nothing is wrong with what she did she charged a fee for a service.. Don't hate!
— Nemeze (@Nemeze) December 14, 2015

When you say Linda bought house because of Dasuki's money i think you should go and take a ook at the ranking of her blog in the world
— Retired Jaguda (@manmustwack) December 14, 2015

Infact Linda is not Africa's mate
— Retired Jaguda (@manmustwack) December 14, 2015

Guess who is next on the hit list? Jealousy Jealousy people will say it's Linda Ikeji now. But it's non of my biz
— Michael Abisuga (@abisuga) December 14, 2015

Abeg Linda Ikeji if u have dis opportunity again collect times 2 of d 240million, if u can't, call me I will help u out #lindaikeji
— Fantasia ChiGeorge (@phantaziaa) December 14, 2015

…and someone found a way to drag Fashola into the conversation…
So it's ok for Linda Ikeji to charge FG N240m for advert services, yet @tundefashola was wrong to build websites for N78m? @Ayourb
— The Dudest (@dotman77) December 14, 2015

Linda Ikeji has started trending. Can see a lot of people experiencing schadenfreude. SMH
— Damilare Joseph (@dre4success) December 14, 2015
Seems like Dasuki is spreading money anyhow. They said Linda Ikeji got 240 million… hehehe
Tales by moonlight….
— Unkle Nadyx (@nadyx) December 14, 2015

Of course, she denied the allegations, dismissing it as the antics of her “haters”, trying to bring down a hard-working woman.
“But seriously for the record…no party registered or unregistered, no human being dead or alive gave me N240m for anything.”
“Anyway, all these bad belle people looking for ways to bring a woman down…like I always say…you can’t! Except you’re mightier than God! Whether you like it or not, I’m a hardworking young woman who God chose to bless the work of her hand and is using me to bless others”
If the story turns out to be true though, it will dramatically alter the perception of the blogging profession in Nigeria, Linda’s status as a female role-model, and will possibly influence the ongoing #AntiSocialMediaBill conversation.
Time will tell.


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