This is the age of podcasts and Youtube channels.
“Hi, guys! Welcome to my YouTube channel.” “Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.” “Let’s get my channel to 100 subscribers.” Have you heard that before?
How many times have you had people beg you to subscribe to their channels only to deliver mid content, something like, “How I spent my weekend.” And then you wonder, “Why do I need to know how she spent her weekend? Is she Rihanna?”
Anyways, amid the multitudes creating YouTube channels and starting podcasts, a few stand out.
One popular beauty and lifestyle Youtuber is Dimma Umeh. Dimma had over 400 YouTube Subscribers, and her videos average between a 100 to a million views, talk about your videos making money for you.
Dimma’s content circles around her everyday life, makeup tutorials and other fun things.
Another popular Youtuber among the Gen Z folks is Korty EO. Korty’s channel can be described as a vlog.
Her content circles from conversation-like interviews with celebrities to everyday topics in the quirkiest ways. Her rise was interesting to watch, in no time, Korty had people rooting for her.
Fisayo Fosudo sits as the king of tech YouTubers in Nigeria. He is Nigeria’s Marques Brownlee (A rich tech YouTuber in America). Fisayo provides tech review, financial advice, and the like.
These YouTubers are making money 9-5ers can only dream of.
In the world of podcasts, two people stand out right now, ‘Tea with Tay’ hosted by Temisan Emmanuel, and ‘I Said What I Said’ by FK Abudu and Jola Ayeye.
What is a podcast anyway? If not people having a conversation and everyone is listening in.
When FK and Jola started their podcasts, they barely had engagement, but with perseverance and their participation in the End Sars protest, people came to see they had interesting content and enjoyed the playful banter between them.
‘Tea with Tay’ is a new podcast that could give ‘I Said What I Said’ a run for its money. Temisan has such a relaxing personality that he has guests spilling secrets about themselves they would not ordinarily say.
What makes a successful YouTube channel or podcast apart from creativity and good lighting? I believe perseverance, general likeability (humour) and a semblance of a fan base is what you need to keep you going; these things do not come easy. You will not be likable if you are not creative, and the visuals or sound is poor. In a way, these all go hand in hand.
Many others who smile to the bank are YouTube comedians averaging millions of views, Mark Angel Comedy and Broda Shaggi come to mind.
A silent contender are the YouTube couples who keep us updated on their marriages like the popular Akah and Claire.
What does all this mean for them? Collaboration with brands, partnerships and raking in dollars from YouTube.
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