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Ronen Rubinstein is a very busy man these days. On top of 9-1-1: Lone Star’s epic return, the actor and his band, Nights In Stereo, released their debut single “Open Door,” which is available on Spotify now. Ronen and fellow bandmates Rodrigo R. Rodarte and Jon Shoer have produced a truly incredible first single with “Open Door.”

“It’s definitely a completely different feeling than when you have a movie come out or a show come out,” Ronen said about the song’s release. “It’s a completely different world because it’s so much more intimate. It’s so much more personal. There was, let’s say, four people involved instead of hundreds. It’s like your baby almost. So just seeing everybody’s reaction yesterday was pretty unbelievable.”
Jon added, “I’d say the same. I’ve been playing music for a really long time. I’ve been in some bands here and there, but I’ve never put anything out at this quality that I feel this good about with my best friends. Putting music out with my best friends just feels really good. Even if nobody listened to it, I think I’d still feel just as good as I do now.”

Rodrigo admitted that the release of the single is “very exciting, very scary, very vulnerable… This is just us and it’s Ronen’s voice and lyrics and our music and John’s vision. There’s nowhere to hide.”
The inspiration behind “Open Door” is “pretty universal,” Ronen says. “It’s very much about love and heartbreak. I’m sure we’ve all had a taste of it. It was a specific time in my life, and I think the inspiration was so clear that the words sort of flowed out of me, but it was the music that helped the melody come out naturally. I think I had a pretty easy way of coming up with the melody and the lyrics because the music was just so good. It had such a flow, and you can sort of feel what the song was. It’s about love and heartbreak. It’s you wanting to be with somebody, but you know it’s not the best decision. I think the line that ‘you should be my memory’ was the biggest one for me. They shouldn’t be your memory, but you keep coming back to them, or they keep coming back to you and vice versa.”
Now that “Open Door” is out, what’s next for Nights In Stereo? “We have a bunch of stuff. I don’t call them songs, and I don’t even call them demos. I would say we have maybe over 10 project files that are in the works,” Jon told HollywoodLife. “They range from just riff ideas all the way through full-on demos, and then we have some stuff that we’ve been working on in the studio as a follow-up to this. But now that we’ve seen this one kind of take flight, we’re going to regroup and figure out with our producer Mike which one do we pick up next and start finishing. There’s a lot of stuff in motion behind the scenes.”
As for who came up with the band name, that honor goes to Jon. “It was pretty funny. It was Jon basically pitching tons and tons of name ideas to Ronen and me, and then finally one sticking. It was pretty cool and available,” Rodrigo said. Jon followed with, “Available is the hardest thing because every band name exists somewhere. It was inspired by a song by The Cars [‘Moving In Stereo’].”


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