Linda Ikeji
A few hours ago, Linda Ikeji found it imperative to explain to the world why she is now a single mother. According to her, her baby daddy and oil magnate, Sholaye Jeremi are now a closed chapter.
Despite defending herself on her alleged celibate advise, and the reason she will not get married to him, Nigerians want to hear none of it.
See reactions below:
Its always hilarious when people get pregnant and say it wasn’t planned😂. You didn’t use condom or pills, so what did you expect?
— Adedeji (@varamyr_oneskin) December 14, 2018

She is trying to act saint and play the he dumped me part so peeps can turn on the man, it’s a lie you ve failed the younger ones looking up-to you, we all make mistakes.
— Abiodun Adedeji Williams (@Dejiwillz) December 14, 2018

Las las we will discover that Linda Ikeji is just trying to drive traffic to her blog.
But I’m here waiting with my popcorn for Sholaye to come out & tell us the politician he caught her with
— Lord of the STEW🇳🇬🇳🇬 (@GospelJosiah) December 14, 2018

If you have been reading LIB from 2015 just know it was mostly written from Sholaye’s 3bedroom 😩😩
— 💙 (@Mia_Adanna) December 14, 2018

So Aunty Linda Ikeji wants us to shout “Go Girl”. She must be sick if she thinks so.
A man in his right senses won’t stop introduction if Aunty didn’t do something silly.
Linda own up and admit you messed up.
— Duke of Ibadanland (@omoba_scholes) December 14, 2018

Did Linda Ikeji do the very opposite of the thing she preaches? Yes
Do we all do the opposite of the things we preach sometimes? Yes
Do we have the right to drag her from here to kafanchan? No
— #EndAsuuStrike (@NaijaClassCapt) December 14, 2018

Linda Ikeji said she “fell pregnant” asif she’s some modern day Mary. Is Sholaye Jeremi a Holy Spirit?
— BILLION (@BillionTwiTs) December 14, 2018

Linda really sacrificed herself for web traffic.
The woman really has no boundaries
— Buen Chico (@Monsiuer_T) December 14, 2018

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