Linda Ikeji is brilliant! Whether or not you choose to admit it. On Tuesday, November 1, 2016, the 36-year-old launched her own social media network, Linda Ikeji Social (LIS), which, according to her, is a combination of blogging and social networking.
Linda conceived the idea for her “new baby” after being told by two female fans that her blog and Facebook were the only online platforms they visited. “I started wondering,’“If these women were asked to choose between my site and Facebook, what would it be?’ And then I thought, ‘Why can’t I have a website that’s a combination of blogging and social networking?’” Thus LIS was birthed.
Users can connect with friends, chat, get breaking news, buy and sell goods, and get paid about $3 for authentic and exclusive eyewitness stories. Users with a huge following would also earn 20 percent of revenue from ads placed on their profile and business pages. “There’s a lot of money from advertising on social media, a lot of brands put money on popular online platforms and we want to share some of the money we make on this platform with our users,” Linda explained.
LIS happens to be one of four of Linda’s latest media expansion initiatives. Just three months ago, Linda announced she was venturing into other sections of the media by launching an online TV network (Linda Ikeji TV), an online radio station (Linda Ikeji Radio), a music website (Linda Ikeji Music), and LIS, which at the time was a puzzle. Now that we know what LIS is, it is safe to say that the “Queen of controversy” is steadily building a media empire and cementing her status as a media mogul.
Once during an interview, she said, “I feel like I am 10 percent done, I haven’t done 90 percent… Hopefully, in another two years, I will accomplish another 40 to 60 percent. Before I turn 40, ultimately I would have accomplished 100 percent.” Well, it sure looks like the billionaire is keeping to her words. Hate it or love it, this force that is Linda Ikeji is here to stay. Obviously.
P.S – I think “Hate it or Love it” by The Game should be Linda’s everyday song:
Hate it or love, the underdog’s on top, and I’m gon’ shine homie until my heart stops
Go ahead, envy me, I’m rap’s the real MVP, and I ain’t goin’ nowhere so you can get to know me
Watch Linda Ikeji talk about her social networking platform below:

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