President Buhari is presently in South Africa for the Intra-Africa trade truthful presently taking vicinity in South Africa.

The President become accosted by way of a reporter with AriseTV and was asked what his government is doing to assist Small and Medium Scale firms.

Responding, the President said 

”What we are doing firstly is to construct infrastructure. I was restricted to move public several times that people have to check with the significant bank and the NNPC among 1999 and 2014. Nigerian turned into generating 2.1 million barrels in keeping with day at a mean cost of  a hundred American dollars according to barrel.

While we got here, the militants have been unleashed on us, production went all the way down to half 1,000,000 barrels a day. The fee of petroleum went right down to 37 dollars from 100 and you recognize the circumstance within the North East, the situation within the South South, then you can admire inside time and assets availabe how well our administration has been doing. ”

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