A viral video has shown moment a female faced her pal after she stuck her slumbering with her husband thru a hidden digicam. 

TikToker, Shaunabby uploaded a sequence of movies explaining the incident and revealing how it all opened up and it has gone viral after being shared.

Inside the first video which garnered more than 12 million views, she records her former buddy sitting on a couch folding garments. The video captioned, “Ima confront each them whilst he walks through the door.” The text at the video read, “whilst you deliver your pal an area to live and he or she sleeps with your man while you at work and they do not know  cuz you concealed a digicam.”

In another video titled, element 2, the TikToker discovered that she positioned a camera in her domestic due to the fact “her intestine wasn’t feeling proper.” She stated that it had nothing to do along with her former buddy; however, she speculated that her husband become cheating on her with every other woman. 

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