Pastor Olumide Emmanuel, a Nigerian priest, has stated that any of his colleagues who fail to make it in Nigeria will not be capable of make it even outside the united states of america.

Pastor Emmanuel addressed to people planning to migrate abroad to continue their pastoral ministry:

All of you that say you need to visit Canada. It isn’t a curse. You could’t make it. You that did not make it here in Nigeria..You’ve got been in Ministry for 12 years and you can’t accumulate 50 people…you want to visit Canada, it’s Taxi you would pressure there. If nobody is telling you, you will become a barber, you’ll come to be a security officer. You’ll be remembering the times while you had been a Minister. They are lots there. We understand their tale.

A lizard in Nigeria can’t turn out to be a crocodile in Canada.”

In keeping with him, many pastors do  not have a message, they’re focused at the ministry because of the poverty in Nigeria.

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