After Regina Daniels distanced herself from the brand of Jaruma, she replied telling her how well she has been with the circle of relatives after paying N10M for the advert or even given people around her some amount of money and items really worth thousands and thousands of Naira. 

Sammy West reacting to that change taken aback that Jaruma was actually taking note of every single kind act she rendered the family inclined and that absolutely burst his head no matter the truth that he were given quite a few love for her typically.
According to him, the kind act of Jaruma become appreciated and he knows the day they’d a own family day at his vicinity, she honestly enjoyed it but this little act of hers have fall of his hand and that simplest approach her act of kindness become staged. Sammy West then made the whole issue funny asking Jaruma when they are going to do a own family reunion along with her on the grounds that she has fallen out in their eyes because she recorded each all kind act she rendered the family just to shame their sister Regina Daniels.

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