A video of Davido falling down while mountain climbing lower back on level for the duration of his overall performance after he went into the crowd has gone viral on the internet and what truely got anybody speakme is how he became mishandled by a man on stage.
The guy pressured Davido to get up after he fell down and later driven him returned to the degree to perform and it was very horrific of him to try this and netizens reacting to the video had been asking why the man driven him like that. 
We recognise Davido could have eventually stood up on his own and persisted the overall performance however the guy who became seeking to assist him rise up ended up disgracing him with the way he dragged him on the ground to stand up after which driven him to continue acting. 
Falling on degree is a ordinary element for artists especially when they’re acting vigorously however a few netizens suppose Davido had smoked something before his performance and this is why he suffered one of these fall that caused his disgrace.
The manner in which the fellow on level handled this whole issue is what warranted the anger in a few fans and how Davido fell down and how he turned into pushed is what made others burst out with laughter as it changed into humorous.

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