A man is below residence arrest after beating up a physician and leaving him with a concussion because he paid his wife a compliment.

The girl, who’s a hijab-wearing Muslim, had advised her husband Bakhriddin Azimov that the Russian dermatologist, Vladimir Zhirnokleev, referred to as her pores and skin “stunning”.

The man then decided to assault the dermatologist and has given that been charged with hooliganism.

According to RT, the attack came about final Tuesday, Sept. 21, in Nizhnevartovsk, Siberia.

Dr Zhirnokleev said he’d surely requested the woman to reveal him her elbows, belly and returned and he did now not ask her to undress.

After checking her, he instructed her there had been no issues and stated: “The skin is stunning.”

But the girl then complained to her husband that the clinical examination had not complied with “Muslim law”.

“i am sure the medical doctor complimented my wife in the course of the exam, which isn’t befitting of my concepts,” stated 29-yr-old Azimov.

“if you are a doctor, do your job. Immoderate compliments and questions are beyond a medical doctor’s activity description.”

However Zhirnokleev insisted he had truly been giving his scientific opinion of the woman’s skin.

The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper pronounced that he stated: “Muslims have to resolve all problems right away with the management – frivolously and constructively.

“walking into a medical doctor’s workplace without an ordeal and smashing his nostril is morally and legally wild.

“i’m an adult, i’ve numerous educations, lots of enjoy, and we nevertheless stay in a state governed through the guideline of regulation. Humans need to obey the regulation and follow the guidelines.”

Zhirnokleev changed into identified with a head injury, concussion and bruising.

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