Some netizens have reacted to allegations of Hushpuppi naming Toke Makinwa as his accomplice for helping him with money laundering saying the whole of Nigeria will come down.

Hushpuppi has been allegedly naming some popular personalities as his accomplices and now has allegedly fingered Toke Makinwa as one of the people who helped him with his money laundering and spending across the world.

Some netizens reacting to the names Hushpuppi have allegedly mentioned said the whole of Nigeria will be coming down the moment Hushpuppi finishes singing and mentioning names of people he got involved with.

Some even advised Toke Makinwa to relocate to a remote village and stay off social media so that she wouldn’t be found if the FBI tries to come for her in relation to the allegations of being an accomplice to a fraudster.

Toke Makinwa as we speak is in the States and hasn’t reacted to any of the allegations leveled against her but some fans are advising her to run away for her life and not get interdicted with all these like Abba Kyari.

The list coming out as accomplices of Hushpuppi is getting longer each day as it appears he intentionally got the most popular figures involved just so he doesn’t go down alone if caught and that is exactly what is happening now.

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