Weddings in Nigeria are usually big occasions filled with fanfare. Many times people gather to have a happy time. Guests at a recent wedding got more than they bargained for after the groom refused to dance. In a video making the rounds on social media, a man who was walking down the aisle with his wife surprised many after he scolded the DJ for trying to make him dance.


Omo, watch the shocking moment the where the Groom refused to dance and warned the MC to stop telling him to dance 😯😧

— Osama🌚 (@osirmah) April 22, 2021

The groom blatantly refused to dance despite being cajoled by the disc jockey. At a point, he walked off the aisle leaving his bride behind till he went back for her. According to one @Dj_Emzor who was at the event, he quoted the groom as saying that he would not dance because he is an Ustaz and they don’t dance. He wrote: “I’m Ustaz, I don’t dance and madam won’t dance”.

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