Nigerian singer Davido recently travelled to Onitsha in Anambra state for a show and he shared some video on his Instagram stories.

In one of the videos, crowds gathered at both sides of Davido’s car as he tried to drive away from what looked like an event centre.

Some men in uniform were spotted trying to get the crowd out of the way and actor Zubby Michael was also seen doing his part.

The actor was zealously ensuring that some of the singer’s fans who were jumping in front of his car were out of the way. He then motioned to Davido’s driver to drive through.

Meanwhile, one could hear Davido laughing as he told someone to help him call Zubby. When Zubby realised Davido was trying to get his attention, the actor told him to drive out of the event centre instead.

He late put his hands around his neck to signify Davido’s popular slang, E choke.

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