It is no longer news that popular Nigerian singer, Davido and US-based star, Enisa, are working together on a music video for their song.

During one of their video shooting sessions, Davido was spotted teaching the Albanian singer how to speak pidgin English.

Pidgin is commonly spoken in Nigeria by all classes of people to communicate better especially if the speakers involved do not understand the same dialect.

Enisa who seemed to be enjoying her time with the Nigerian star was very keen on learning pidgin and proved to be a dutiful student. In a new video shared on her Instagram page, Davido was seen trying to get her to speak pidgin with the correct intonation. He taught her how to say ‘how you dey’ while explaining that it meant ‘how are you’. Enisa then took things a step further by adding Davido’s popular slangs, ‘e choke’ and ‘tule jare’. In her caption, she even described the Nigerian star as a perfect pidgin teacher.

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