Some people are talented when it’s comes to sneaky activities, there are spies everywhere placed for specific reasons by different people who are ready to pay for their information. If you were told that professional spies existed even in Africa, I mean the ones that kill bad guys and save the city, you would probably think it’s a joke. Just so you know here is the most wanted spy in Africa. 

The Kenyan own version spy James Bond, who works as a Private investigator and also a mother who saved her sons from the hands of bad guys who kidnapped them. Currently, detective Jane Mugo is African’s most famous, wanted and controversial private investigator, who helped solve over a hundred crimes in Kenya including cases of murder and corruption, but she makes her own rules.

She has her own band of merry me who are willing to protect her at any cause. Though she was accused for many crimes including assault and robbery, but a spy’s work can’t be totally clean.

Here we will be showing you the spy’s one and only exclusive interview with BBC news;

 Private detectives are known to be super-secretive individuals with practically nothing known about their lives. That is not the case with Nairobi Detective Jane Mugo who has become an open book. A special feature run by BBC revealed the little-known side of the detective who went on to open her huge metallic gates for the cameras. The detective lives in a secret compound on the outskirts of Nairobi, and with the help of four hawk-eyed bodyguards, she has managed to keep her sanctuary safe. Inside the compound is a well manicured lawn with an expansive pavement donning cabro materials, with visitors having to undergo multi-level approvals beginning from her right-hand man only known as Charli. Due to the nature of her work, Mugo has installed cameras all around her compound with many secrets cameras sitting inside the house. An undetectable camera is mounted on the wall clock with another placed on a teddy bear. Inside the house, a good amount of interior decor has been designed with artistically created low hanging lights in the living room and family photos mounted around the wall.

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