Location – Lagos state.*

*👉🏼Lagos State Police command insist on eliminating okada riders from every part of Lagos State based on government instruction.*

*👉🏼To achieve this, all DPOs have been directed to clampdown and stop the operation of all commercial motocyclist (okada) within their jurisdiction irrespective of where they operate* 

*👉🏼This directive appears to overide the February Lagos State Government ban of okada in selected local government areas of Lagos*


*1.  Going forward, there will be high chase, seizure and arrest of okada, this is expected and some level of hostile resistance and hot friction should be anticipated*

*2.  Escape tactics from the riders could lead to multiple accidents, this could lead to various degrees of casualties and some fatalities*

*3.  Possible face-off between the riders union and members of the task force is also likely.*


*1.  Avoid boarding Okada for now, *even within the streets and inner routes*. 

*2.  Kindly be aware of your surrounding when commuting and be on the lookout for police raid on Okadas to avoid accidents.*

*3.  Cascade this information to acquaintances and family members that may not be aware.*


*Olu Olabinjo*

*Legal Practitioner*

*Public Engligtenment*

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