The need to write this came after a friend of mine squarely told me that the plus size ladies are not beautiful, attractive, fashionable and are not even as clean as the slim and lanky ladies. He described the plus size as being dirty, but this time around, I objected.

A number of people regard the lanky and skinny ladies as the most beautiful, and the media is to be held responsible for this. The media portrays beauty as women who have a slim body. For this reason, the media uses the skinny and lanky ladies as models, thereby creating a divide between the slim and the plus size ladies.

Like they say, “another man’s meat is another man’s poison.” Everyone has a choice to make. The plus size ladies are always confident in themselves, and they are the desire of every man because of their endowment and backside. They are always confident of themselves in public.

Some of these plus size ladies are even more beautiful than the skinny or lanky ladies without any iota of doubts.

I decided to compile some pictures of plus size ladies to refute the claims that they are not beautiful and fashionable.

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