Asides from showing off her acting skills in movies or entertaining her fans and followers on social media with her funny character, Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson also enjoys showing off her family online. 

Recently, the actress shared a video of her first three kids, Purity, Henry, and Angel, as they prepared for school. 

The kids were donned in various costumes. According to the actress, it’s their costume day in school. 

While Purity was dressed as a Miraculous Ladybug from the Miraculous: Tales Of Ladybug & Cat Noir cartoon. Henry was dressed as Incredible character from Disney cartoon while Purity was dressed Princess Jasmine from Disney’s cartoon. The actress’ kids then did a small presentation of their characters in front of their big TV. As soon as they ended it, Mercy quickly ran behind them in her pyjamas and said she is their mother in pidgin English. 

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