As alleged fraudster, Ray Hushpuppi, continues to cool off in jail, interesting and somewhat shocking new details about his lifestyle have surfaced on social media. Recall earlier reported on how the embattled big money spender landed in yet another trouble after the US government through the FBI linked him to North Korean hackers. 

Apparently, all of his woes would have been avoided if he had chosen to stay low rather than show off his extravagant lifestyle. 

Well, not the dinner itself, but the fact that he posted it on his Instagram which exposed him to the FBI. 

Hushpuppi wasn’t on the FBI’s radar until they noticed him living a bit too large for someone who apparently didn’t have a job. They simply got all the information they needed from his social media posts and when they started to follow the money, it was easy from that point on. Below are some reactions from Twitter: @toolzbeib: “Delilah in the bible led Samson to his downfall n it shocked u that Hushpuppi could have gotten away with his atrocities, but got caught cos he wanted to impress Blac Chyna? After God, fear women o.” 

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