English Football Association chairman, Greg Clarke, has revealed Liverpool and Manchester United threatened to breakaway from the English premier league and start their own league.


The two Premier League giants stated that the aim of the project was to radically reform English football, with proposals including the top-flight being reduced to 18 teams and the EFL Cup and Community Shield being scrapped.


According to FA chief Clarke who released a letter on Wednesday October 14, he was actually involved in the talls known as ‘Project Big Picture’, but he decided to walk away earlier this year when it became clear the proposals were nothing more than a power grab from England’s biggest clubs.


Revealed: Liverpool and Manchester United threatened to breakaway from Premier league and form their own big-six league


In a letter to the FA Council, Clarke claims ‘the principal aim of these discussions became the concentration of power and wealth in the hands of a few clubs, with a breakaway league mooted as a threat’.


He added: “I, of course, discontinued my involvement and counselled a more consensus-based approach involving all Premier League clubs and its chair and CEO. Our game needs to continually seek to improve but benefits need to be shared.”

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