British Royal, Prince Harry will have to pay a hige tax bill unless he “takes a break” from his £11million mansion he lives in California with his wife, Meghan Markle, a top American lawyer has claimed.


Harry, the Duke of Sussex, moved to Los Angeles with Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle and their son Archie in May after announcing that they will be quitting royal duties early this year.


Harry and Meghan were first reported to be living in the US at a Beverly Hills mansion owned by Billionaire TV producer and actor Tyler Perry.


But according to a top Los Angeles lawyer, David Holtz, Harry, 36, will have to start paying huge taxes once he has lived in LA for 183 days.


Prince Harry ?faces huge tax bill unless he takes break from ?11m California mansion? he owns with Meghan Markle


Harry has been in the US for at least 151 days just weeks away from the 183 day mark.


Harry now faces paying both US federal and Californian state taxes under the Internal Revenue Service’s ‘substantial presence test’, according to the Daily Mail reports.


It requires any foreigner who spends 183 days in the country during a three-year period to pay US taxes on worldwide earnings.


This means Harry would have to leave the US until 2023 if he wanted to avoid a massive bill and laying his sources of income bare.


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