A little boy was brought to tears after he received a new bike from a stranger. The little boy accidentally dented the stranger’s car with his previous bike which, dangerously, did not have any brakes on it. To the boy’s surprise, the stranger returned a few days later with a brand new red bike for him. It is unclear who the boy or the man are but this good deed is warming hearts across the globe. A picture of the man giving the boy his new bike is trending. Young man narrates how a disabled barber gave him the best haircut of his life, shares adorable photos online The picture and caption were initially uploaded to Reddit by someone simply identified as Schefar. It was then reuploaded to Facebook page Great Heroes and has since received a lot pf p This kind stranger gave this young boy a brand new bike after the boy accidentally dented the stranger’s car with his old bike. Source: Great Heroes/Facebook Source: UGC Take a look at the full post below


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