Congratulations to Laycon on winning the BBNaija Lockdown edition 👍👍

I can imagine what will be running through his mind when his was announced winner last night and most especially seeing the huge fanbase he already has.

This is someone who walked into the stage on the opening day of the show with a lighted shirt looking like one of those boys in computer village stealing and selling phone. 😂😂

Laycon On Stage On Opening Day vs Laycon At Finale

When he entered the house and started communicating intellectually with other housemates, people fell in love with him more. How come this boy with agbero look is this intellectually sound?

Along the line in the house he fell madly in love with someone who obviously doesn’t have a romantic feeling for him but has for another person in the house.

The heartbreak from loving someone and the person doesn’t feel the same and also made matters worst by going into romantic kissing session with someone else in the house in his presence almost made him loose it completely.

He later received sense and tried to avoid being emotionally damaged as much as he could.

The day Erica blasted him, body-shamed him and also wished him dead is one of the most touching highlight of Laycon’s BBNaija moments, he never said a word nor react to all the things Erica said.

No doubt, Laycon’s journey through the BBNaija Lockdown season is filled with so much lessons that can enhance the personal development of anyone.

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