Everybody has unique characteristics and qualities.

Artistes themselves are human with different kinds of attitudes and lifestyles. Something common to most of them is smoking and drinking habits.

Asides that, some of them are humble, calm, and collected even amidst of huge controversies while some are temperamental, rude and outspoken.

As music lovers, you know the artiste whose behavior align with your thinking and the artiste whose attitude aligns with what you believe in.

Someone like me, I believe in the mantra of doing what is right, respect everyone, and fear nobody and Burna Boy seems to be a Nigerian artiste whose lifestyle is close to that.

If there is one artiste I would love to be like considering attitude and lifestyle, it has to be Burna Boy minus weed smoking. what about you?

Let’s hear from you 👇

Judging By Lifestyle & Attitude, Which Nigerian Artiste Would You Love To Be Like?

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